Frequently Asked Questions

No. The idea of a property inspection is never to pass or fail a property. The process is conducted to describe a property's physical condition and find any improvements or repairs that could be made. It is not like a council inspection or market value appraisal.

However, if the inspection is for a Critical Stage Inspection for a Construction Project or a Swimming Pool Inspection in these circumstances a determination of compliance or non-compliance will be made.

Whether you’re worried about a specific building issue in your home such as rising dampness or cracking of a building element or you’ve purchased a new home and are concerned about Defective Workmanship – we can provide you with Expert Advice relating to any of your building concerns. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals have extensive expertise in preparing litigation compliant reports suitable for submission to a range of jurisdictions from NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) to the Supreme Court.

In NSW only persons accredited with the NSW Building Professionals Board (BPB) can legally carry out Critical Stage Inspections on projects under construction and Swimming Pools.

New laws now apply in NSW which effect the buying, selling and leasing of properties with a pool. These laws were enacted to assist in the protection of children with regards to pool related incidents.

To comply with these new laws, certain certification MUST be obtained from council in your LGA or a private certifier who are authorised to issue swimming pool certificates of compliance. Our inspectors in NSW are authorised to conduct pool safety inspections and able to assist you in meeting your compliance needs.

The same with Critical Stage Inspections and Reports of projects under construction, they only have legal binding if carried out by an Accredited Certifier.

Every dispute is different and most can be resolved with third party intervention, we specialise in unbiased dispute resolution which can avoid extensive costs if not resolved early and ends up before a tribunal or court - we offer Fast Expert Dispute Resolution with the view to obtain an outcome that is acceptable to all persons involved.